Flying With Colours Part II

Thoughts have colors attached to them. Every negative thought has a color as well as a corresponding healing color.

Life is a Burden

  • There is a lack of Indigo color. All colors are imbalanced.


  • First fill up with White
  • Then, take in Indigo.

I Cannot Say No

  • Whatever his manger says, he will do. He will not leave his office early.
  • Why I cannot say no — it is all because of my fate that I am stuck up in this family.
  • You will say yes to everybody
  • Then Orange color is less.


  • Inhale Orange and affirm, “I need not please others”.
  • You will conclude that you do not need to please others.  You are free to do what I want.”

Blaming Tendency

  • When you start blaming other people, Yellow color is drained from you.
  • For example you say, somebody did a Suniyam on us (Tamil word for Voodoo) – Willow (Bach Flower Remedy)
  • God has no eyes, he cannot see my plight – blaming tendency


  • Inhale Yellow and affirm, “Let me see good in others”.

Dwelling in the Past

  • I let go and let in more ideas — take in Yellow this will release past and will give more ideas
  • Whenever you are indulging in past you are stagnant. Be in the present — whether its joy or sadness.

Healing Other Person

  • Receive the required color  with left hand from Sun
  • Visualizing the person, send it through right hand to another person with the blessing Mudra (showing the palm of the right hand like Indian Gods or Buddha)
  • It will heal them


  • How long we have to do this. Until, the thought leaves we have to.
  • Just concentrate on inhaling, automatically exhalation will happen and vice versa true.
  • Finally, inhale Pink color for two minutes.  Fill all Cells and Chakras with Pink. This will make you feel younger. Pink angel does this.
  • Affirm, “I am Pink in health”

 Please note this is an extract from the discussions held during the Monthly Meet, April 2009.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Naranji,

    You have provided wonderful information on colors. Can one use color circles for healing too?


  2. n.navinjayadurai

    Dear sir,
    This i s navin mailing you from salem past two days i have been in contacats with you regarding my career and future .you just suggested me DIVINE COUNTS NOW ON. I do so and also am interested to meet u personally.
    now i am involved in construction and school projects to start this project succesfully and get all the support from various sources i am looking forward your powerful mantras and related suggestions .sir please kindly help me.

    thanking you with regards


    write daily Hornbeam in a notebook for 21 times

  4. Respected Sir,

    Please suggest to me therapies to stop hair loss and stimulate healthy strong hair growth.

    I live outside India, so if I do not have the Bach Flower Remedies, will writing down the name of flower eg Aspen or Walnut on piece of paper work?

    What switchword and mantra can I use on behalf of my son so that he excels and attains excellent grades in all his exams and gets into the best University for his future?

    Can I get the Bach flower Remedies and CD from Singapore?

    I truly need God’s Blessings. Grace and Guidance to get rid of past baggage, negativities, insecurities , fears and lack of self- confidence which have held me back in life. I want positive change. love harmony and abundance in my life and relationships. But seem always unable to move forward.

    i want to learn new skills so that I can be relevant and self-reliant and most of all leave a legacy of doing things not just for myself and family, but also for the greater good.

    My most grateful thanks and God Bless,
    Renu Asokan
    Hari Om

  5. The Cds can be despatched from here to singapore; for that matter even remedies.
    for Hair loss, you have to get the remedies from me.
    you can write the names of Crab apple walnut in a notebook till you get the remedy.
    Switch word for your son: DIVINE ON
    mantra; AMBIKA ANADHINIDHANA, ASWHAROODA, APARAAJITHA.This you can chant for success in his examination. This is the mantra for interview also. you can write his name in a piece of paper and circle it. Then draw another concentric circle around the first circle and in the gap write THREE HUNDRED NINTY EIGHT.
    For positive change in your life take the bach flower remedy Gentian Larch hornbeam wildrose.
    best of luck

    • Respected Sir,
      As per your advice to me dated August 30, is Crab apple and Walnut for my hairloss?

      As for positive change in my life, you recommended Bach flower remedies Gentian Larch hornbeam Wildrose. How am i supposed to tale them ie all together with water and what dosage?
      Can I also include remedy for completing tasks as I always seem to give up halfway when things get too challenging or fear holds me back?

      Also, while I want to try the bach flower remedies, i’m also afraid to do so as I dont know how I will react emotionally or what to expect. Would truly appreciate your kind advice.

      I was wondering about switchwords and angel numbers.
      How can I see results with them ? I tried the switchwords ‘Together Find Count Divine” in the hope to see financial improvement in my life and i also tried writing 520 and then chanting in my mind the switchwords.

      Pls. advice if this is the right way of using them?
      Is there a certain number of times I need to chant or write them
      Kindly advice

      Is your email contact as follows;-

      Would be very grateful if you could email me your list of books and cds available.

      Most Grateful Thanks & God Bless!
      Hari Om
      Renu Asokan

    • Respected Sir,
      Thanks so much for your advice.

      It is truly gratifying to know that kind and selfless people working for the greater good of humanity such as your goodself are out there in these times!

      As per your advice to my queries, is the crabapple and walnut for for hairloss? Also, with regards to the other remedies you adviced, how should they be taken and number of times I shd take them?

      I also want to say that while I really want to try the Bach flower remedies, I have this sense of fear that I do not know how I will emotionally and physically react to them? Will the healing crisis be extreme or does the healing take place gently, naturally?

      I also have this fear in me which holds me back from doing things and sometimes when things get too tough I give up or do not persevere to complete things! please help and advice?

      I came across switchwords and angel numbers on your blog,
      How can I actually get them to work positively in my life?
      Is there a number of times I should write or chant the numbers or switchwords? I tried and even tried with using the words “release resistance’ but have yet to see results.

      Will chanting the abundance mantra help? If so how many times to chant?

      Truly need Divine Grace and Blessings and help for my family and I.
      My apologies for keeping my queries long. I hope that with God’s Grace that I too can be of help to others when they need it most.

      Hari Om,
      Renu Asokan

      • Crabapple and walnut for for hairloss. Gentian Larch hornbeam Wildrose. 3pills each 4 doses per day. this combination will help.The flower remedies will heal you gently. This combination will make you persevere.
        what switch words you used and what for?
        What mantra you mean by “abundance mantra”?

      • The discussion in the blog is to create awareness in you that any problem can be handled if you handle the mind.
        The problems posted here my look similar, but not same. That is why your owm selection of mantras or mudras or flower remedies may work. if it does not work, you have to write to me in detail about the problem,- the feeling it generates, the thought it produces,the solution you want – to me.

      • Respected Sir,
        By the Abundance Mantra, I meant :-
        Lalitham Sridharam
        Lalitham Baskaram
        Lalitham Sudarshnam

        And the switchwrds for improving finances;-
        Release Resistance “Together Find Count Divine’ and the angel number 520

        Is there a certain number of times I shd chant or write the mantras and the switchwords to see results?

        Hari Om,
        Renu Asokan

  6. Dear Mr. Naran, I have been jobless since a year and been going for interviews. But nothing positive has happened. Please advice what to be done.

    • be inthe following vitality mudra, daily in the nightfor 20 minutes. Thumb touching the tips of ring finger and little finger. (both hands)
      chant release resistance find divine order count now on.
      write oak hornbeam for 51 times daily

  7. Dear Naran,
    I have taken a break from job for eight years and now I want to go back to work . Please let me know what I should do or chant to make me eligible for it and to get a job of my choice .

  8. aKILA,
    CHANT ELM WALNUT OAK HORNBEAM FIND DIVINE JOB COUNT NOW 100 times over a glass of water and drink that water.

  9. Dear Naran Sir,

    one of my close friend is in USA. He wants to come back to India and change his Job. Please suggest some color healing therapy which i can send him so that he can get a good job as per his expectations in India and can come back to India.

  10. Dear Sri Naran S Balakumarji,
    Im very much impressed by the services that you are doing
    to humanity. Thank you for all the tips.
    I have amazing eyes : healthy and nice by god’s grace.
    Just last year, I had developed eye floaters in the eyes
    caused by protecting a psychiatric patient attacking people.
    Please do let me know remedy for eye floaters floating in the eye
    due to this emotional and physical violence done by the psychiatric patient.
    I have let gone of the sad feelings from the patient violence
    and the eye floater problem is very less now.
    I want to avoid those little specks also all together.
    Please do prescribe some chants or remedies.
    Best wishes,

  11. RKRIS

    dont bother about eye floaters. do the eye exercise.
    take the eye tone remedy available in the centre

  12. Sir, after much counselling by my husband and my brother i joined four wheeler driving class ,but i feel now that i cant learn driving as i cannot grasp things quickly and do it practicaly iam not a quick learner and lacks in confidence,laziness and think that its very difficult for me but iam very much intersted to learn driving. i took larch for confidence mimulus to overcome fear and chestnut bud ,,,as i have completed my 4 day class still i didnt have steering control and iam blank when i go for the class, is there any switch word or flower remedy or color healing to overcome my feelings and learn driving successfully.your qucik advice will be helpful for me to gather more confidence and complete my current task successfully .

  13. jayashree
    continue with mimulus chestnutbud. Add Larch cherryplum (to have steering control)

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