Handling Skin Problems thru Colour Therapy

Around both my nipple areas, there are white patches. I have shown this to a lady doctor. She said it is vitiligo. They have given some ointment and asked me to show sunlight.  Since that is not possible, I am worried so much. 

This started after my delivery. It is around 9 years now, but by grace of god it is only around the nipple area only and did not spread in any other parts.  Is there any remedy for this? 

Mrs S.

Visualise the sun sending you the healing rays around your nipple. Do this for 5 minutes and thank the sun-god. Visualise pink rays around and think skin becoming normal as other areas.

Write (Bach Flower Remedy) Crab Apple in a piece of paper or a small piece of cloth and dip it in water and keep it on your nipple in the night or when nobody is there.

You will be alright within a month.



About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    Can the same flower remedies be used for psoriasis which has spread to a large part of the body and also the scalp?


  2. jhil
    you have to take the flower remedies orally.
    take AGRIMONY BEECH WILLOW PINE AND CRAB APPLE. put 6 pills of each in 300 ml water and have little sips of that water every one hour. you can add a little for bathing also.

  3. Thank you Mr. Naran,

    This is the first time I have come across your website and find a whole lot of information which is new to me.

    I found an article on angel numbers. Can you please explain what these numbers are and whether there are other angel numbers besides the ones in your website & if they are for different results?. Also where can I have access to the Angel Numbers? Does one need to attend a course or have a Guru for this?

    Tq for all your information.

  4. explanation for numbers not necessary. use them in appropriate situations.

  5. Thank you sir, I will try to use the numbers.

    The reason I stated explanation is to know whether there were other numbers besides the ones in your website and if so, whether they too were for specific results. If there are situations besides the ones stated in your website, can I use these numbers for them? For. eg to convince one’s boss or another person, can I use the numbers in your website?


  6. jhil
    Numbers alone will not work for all the problems.

  7. Sir,
    I have mild acne on face and back,what can i chant?

  8. kittu,
    chant crab apple.

  9. Dear Guru,

    My skin is very dry. what can i chant for glowing skin.

  10. pusb
    vitamin A is less. tone up the liver.
    chant OM HRAAM NAMAHA 100 times over a glass of water and drink that water

    • sir hraam namaha is for heart na sir. hroom for liver which is correct?

      • Both liver and heart has to be taken care of.

        From Naran’s material:

        In addition, circulation inside your body has to be improved by chanting the mantra, “HRAAM NAMAHA”. The mantra tones up the heart.

  11. Dear sir
    what is the colur / mantra therapy for baldness – hair regrowth

  12. ks,
    for baldness, there is no remedy. for hair fall there is one flower combination which you can get from the centre at chennai

  13. Naran Sir,

    I have small white patches corner of my right eye and it has spreaded to left eye.I havent consulted doctor as am scared of skin probs.

    Please suggest me mantra to heal as am worrying mentally much.

  14. Hello sir, I have 7 yrs old daughter who has open pores in her face and when i showed her to a dermatologists they say it will vanish in a period of time but the pores size has been increased one of my friends suggested to give crab apple i gave her for 2 days.Is there anything that i can chant to get rid of this.pls suggest

  15. jayashree,
    continue with crab apple;add gentian
    give for one month

    • Dear Sir,
      As per ur advice iam giving gentian and crab apple to my daughter am still giving but couldnt see any difference shud i continue that or include anything to that.Thank you

      • jayashree,
        continue. write what her mental state is? what are her expressions?

        • Sir, Iam absorbing her reactions for the past one week she is the same happy go jolly kid if everything is fine shes happy and something goes wrong or if we say no shes upset and throw tantrums.. but one thing i recognised is she saying frequently sorry for her mistakes and sometimes blames herself.and also her complexion is slightly improved… but the pores remains the same… I would request you to suggest me for her pores and also good teacher for carnatic class.

          • jayashree,
            give her gentian (for being upset over small things) chicory (for throwing tantrums) cherryplum (for losing control) Pine (for self-blaming)
            Give these remedies

            • Sir, I do not have any behaviourial problem with my daughter my query is she has open pores on her face.I gave her crabapple and gentian for 1 month as per ur advice but her pores on her face still exists pls suggest me remedy for this and also a good guru for carnatic class.. thank you

  16. My moms legs r swallow and she has pain in both the legs

  17. Good morning Naran sir,

    I am suffering from dry dirty skin and pigmentation on my face. I have an important meeting to attend in two days. Please suggest

  18. i have 80 % vitiligo spreaded on body, i usually dont go anywhere social for same reason.Please suggest me some remedy that really works. Tired of all tried and tested medicines.
    Also my dad has psoriasis he too tried and tested all medicines but nothing is working, please suggest strong remedies for same

  19. What if I have all part s of body how can I use this?

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