Think Pink

Origin of Colors

Each color descends from a particular world. Even though all colors are visible to us, we don’t know from which world these colors appear to us.

Blue color descends from blue world. Pink color descends from pink world and so on.

How to reduce your anger?

Close your eyes, visualize pink color descending from the pink world, filling your heart.

On filling the entire heart, it overflows and fills all parts of your body. Now, your entire body is filled with pink color.

Visualize that this pink color goes…

  1. To everyone with whom you had a quarrel, dispute or had been angry in the past
  2. To those who are angry about you

On sending this color, affirm “My anger has reduced. Let your anger also reduce. ”

Say the pink color goes to this person, that person and so on to all those whom are angry with. In addition, say the affirmation as you send the pink color.

Question: Can we do it for the departed souls?

Yes, it can be done. Death is only for the physical body. Soul exists.

We do ceremonies (ritual for remembering the dead) every year for the departed person to show our gratitude to them.

In this world, nobody is alone. Everybody is connected with each other in some way or other.

We think that we are connected only to our relatives and known people. But, it is not so. Everybody is connected to each other in the Sukhshama (Pranic) world.

How to use this technique in our lives?

You are about to meet somebody who has a difference of opinion with you. Before, you meet them in person, call upon the pink energy and fill your heart.

Request pink energy “Pink light please be active on the energy of —————— (person’s name)” and visualize the other person‘s Pranic body is filled with pink energy.

Imagine a pink cord connecting you and the other person at heart center (the center of the chest for men and breasts for women). If this cord is established, there won’t be any conflict, fight or quarrel between both of you.

If you are afraid that problems and conflicts may arise then use pink energy to solve them.  This will resolve all the issues.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. sir
    how regular we have to do this exercise.

  2. i mean exercise to reduce anger

  3. Dear Sir Naranji,Mohanji

    Sir my brother inlaw who wanted to sold his house to a person has given some lacks amount chque for agreement
    .My BIL has seen other house to buy but now his mind set is he does not want to sell his present house which he had agreed to sell.Now My BIL is unesy to tell person with whom he has done agreement.Please suggest some switchwords so that Person would agree to return the agreement peacefully.and also Something Big Amount to get from real estate in which my BIL is working.Switchwords to recive good news.Thanks please reply as early as possible.

  4. ftrrs

  5. Dear sir,
    I am going through a tough phase. My husband is very angry with my cousin brother from the last many years. They had conflicts earlier. Nobody is less. Both are living in their egos. Due to some reason my cousin n whole family couldn’t come to my sister in law’s marriage which held in 1999 and now there is d marriage of my cousin’s son i.e. My nephew who is very dear to me. Now my husband is denying to go there and not allowing me also. He have many bad incidents in his mind. But i must admitt there was the fault of my husband and his father who made those conflicts happen. He is very aggressive in nature. I am very disturbed. Please suggest something to make everything smooth, to make both of them good friends . Nephew’s engagement is on 19th october, 2013 and wedding is on 29th november. I want to got there. My husband is saying that he won’t let my mother too to attend the engagement. Time is less. Pls reply as soon as possible. Till then i am chanting ADJUST TOGETHER CHANGE DIVINE ORDER NOW AND TOGETHER DIVINE

  6. Hello Naran ji- Please help me urgently!! My nephew and his wife were married for the past 4 years and they never had a peaceful happy life. His wife left the home and went to her parents house two times. This time it is going to be the final and going for a divorce.We all are heart broken and no way to fix this. Is there any way this marriage can be safed and make them have a happy united family? Please answer me ASAP. Kindly, Thank you!

  7. Dear visitors! Ask all your questions on the website Naran will not answer here. Naran answers your questions on the website Best of luck.

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