Getting your work done from others


Visualize that the yellow color descends from the yellow world; it reaches your heart, fills your heart and overflows to all the organs in your body. Visualize yourself sitting inside a yellow balloon.

You can send this yellow color to those who are non-productive and not contributing 100% to work. When you feel lazy, you can fill yourself with yellow color.

You can intend the duration for which this yellow color can be active in the production area and on others. Whenever the production decreases, send yellow color again.  Productivity will improve.

If you want to fill the production area with yellow color, look at the place and send yellow color that has filled your heart center. From your heart center this yellow color overflows and fills those places also.

 Once your intention is fulfilled, thank with gratitude to yellow color and request it to go back to yellow world.

Everything has life – I mean your production area and color, consciousness in it. We can talk to them also. We think only human beings can talk, but even animals talk among themselves. There is some consciousness in everything. Through that, communication happens.

In addition, you can use the switch words “MOVE ON” for increasing the production.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Narenji, is there any colour therapy to make my daughter show interest in studies. Pls tell me. Now she is studying in twelvth standard and doing quartly exam. She takes book at 7 or 7.30 she closes at 9pm. She gets sleep when she is holdin book in her hand. After that she can sit still 11pm too. Pls tell me sw, colour therapy to me she wont do any thing. She is not giving respect to teachers and also to me too. Before that she wont be like that after 10th standard only she has changed slowly. Pls kindly give me some sw, colour theraphy too. I used to read ur all the blogs. U made that much of miracles. Really I m telling u that ur like babaji, ragavender like that. Dont think that I m praising u just like that its real true. Truly I m telling whennever I opened this blog I felt that I m chating, talking with god. I am going to get remedy for my props without fail. But some times I wont get reply from u know that that time I felt bad. I m realy sorry if my words anything wrong .
    Pls ji kindly help me in this . I read it from ur blog that Ambika this sloka I chanted 100 time. Usually I ask my daugher how did u write. She ll say mmmm. But that day she said she has no time to finish her answers. I felt happy because of ur sloka only. Ur my god u only can change my daughter. Pls pls pls.

  2. Sir pls reply me pls.

  3. Sir pls give me the solution pls.

  4. Sir I m waiting for ur reply.

  5. what is the colour healing to get husband in my control he always likes her sister i will do everything for him,but her sister is very rude she will not come to my home so he is depressed inspite he will call me to his sister house i will not go ,so he beats me up and he will run away from home and after some days he will come,

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