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Naran S Balakumar

  1. sanjana-1008 namavalli for god shiva

    I have some research.The more positive you
    are the more richer you are.When you are positive
    your subconsious mind guides you to greater wealth
    earning.I did some research on white magic spells
    .They say that the goal of spells are to send you
    more positive energy so you can you can achieve
    any thing you want.Now i know what is difference
    between Donald trump and me.It is difference in energy
    and not experience.I saw in your site about citrine crystal.Even citrine is an example of making a person
    more positive helping him to achieve the goals easily.I have found also it is not God shiva,laxmi or
    vishu giving money.They raise our positve vibrations
    so that our subconscious mind guides us to crores of wealth.So when guru bagvan is in favour he gives
    positve vibrations wich means we earn a lot of money.When ketu or dark plants are strong they
    give negative vibrations.How do we our
    come these negative vibrations.How do we keep and these positive vibrations on our own.


  2. naranbalakumar

    daily in the morning chant OM JOOM SAHA;SAHA JOOM OM. for 15 minutes, visualising the mantra energy forming a divine layer around you. the enrgy of the mantra will always keep you in postive vibrations.

  3. Sir,
    This is for my husband. He is selected for a job abroad and they told him to wait for the visa.But this is the fourth month and he is really upset about this.Could you please suggest a switch word to get his visa as early as possible.

  4. Dear sir I am prashanthi , I am in the USA now in my brothers place I wish to stay and get settled with a job otherwise I ave to come back to India in 6mnths which I don’t wish to.. kindly give me the switch word for that …thnx


  5. Mother devotee

    Dear sir, I am not a great believer of all this but I jst chanted few of ur mantras some time back when I had issues with money but some where solved the rest I figured it out myself like asusuall.. Now Iam looking for a job and want to do further studies..Iam a devotee of mother and Aurobindar so everything I leave it to them to decide my life, although I have made lot of mistakes inspite of being cautioned by the supreme power I didn’t really take it serious , now I feel Iam paying for my mistakes, I want to now carry on with my education and job which the supreme power Mother wanted me to do years back can u please help me with your switch words too I feel it would be supporting me in finding my course ( part time mba or ms in supply chain management), also a job and to get settled in abroad ..kindly help me sir

    With regards
    Mother devotee.

  6. Namaste bhayya, Is there any process of taking color treatment from the Sun for headache? = This question i’m asking for my mother. She is 63 and i’m 41. Can i pray the sun god on her behalf?

    Another question is we are facing a sever financial problem. Because of this we cant conduct many tests. Since this is also affecting hear health, i asked this question.

    While searching in the internet i got this web site.

    Need your blessings

  7. Good morning sir
    I want to know some quick remedy to get good and permanent government job. Please help

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