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Flying With Colours Part II

Thoughts have colors attached to them. Every negative thought has a color as well as a corresponding healing color.

Life is a Burden

  • There is a lack of Indigo color. All colors are imbalanced.


  • First fill up with White
  • Then, take in Indigo.

I Cannot Say No

  • Whatever his manger says, he will do. He will not leave his office early.
  • Why I cannot say no — it is all because of my fate that I am stuck up in this family.
  • You will say yes to everybody
  • Then Orange color is less.


  • Inhale Orange and affirm, “I need not please others”.
  • You will conclude that you do not need to please others.  You are free to do what I want.”

Blaming Tendency

  • When you start blaming other people, Yellow color is drained from you.
  • For example you say, somebody did a Suniyam on us (Tamil word for Voodoo) – Willow (Bach Flower Remedy)
  • God has no eyes, he cannot see my plight – blaming tendency


  • Inhale Yellow and affirm, “Let me see good in others”.

Dwelling in the Past

  • I let go and let in more ideas — take in Yellow this will release past and will give more ideas
  • Whenever you are indulging in past you are stagnant. Be in the present — whether its joy or sadness.

Healing Other Person

  • Receive the required color  with left hand from Sun
  • Visualizing the person, send it through right hand to another person with the blessing Mudra (showing the palm of the right hand like Indian Gods or Buddha)
  • It will heal them


  • How long we have to do this. Until, the thought leaves we have to.
  • Just concentrate on inhaling, automatically exhalation will happen and vice versa true.
  • Finally, inhale Pink color for two minutes.  Fill all Cells and Chakras with Pink. This will make you feel younger. Pink angel does this.
  • Affirm, “I am Pink in health”

 Please note this is an extract from the discussions held during the Monthly Meet, April 2009.

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