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Colours Heal Chakras

Colour is associated with Chakras. They heal them and make us reap the following benefits and develop certain characteristics in us:

Colour Chakra Benefits Develops
Solar Red Basic Chakra Stimulates the circulatory system and makes you feel energetic.Increase in vitalityEnergizes muscles and skeletal system You will feel safe and secure totally
Solar Orange Hara Chakra Increases immunity You will become joyful and enthusiastic
Solar Yellow Solar Plexus Chakra Improves digestion and absorption Makes you to feel confident and develop trust in God.
Solar Green Heart Chakra You become calm and relaxed It develops kindness and lovable nature in you
Solar Blue Throat Chakra Strengthens your breathingYou breathe freshYou start in-taking more oxygen Teaches you attitude of gratitude
Solar Indigo Third Eye Chakra Stimulates brain.Increases your creative IQ Teaches us to surrender
Solar Violet Crown Chakra Energize your nervous systemYou will feel purified We understand that out of one all-powerful ray, every being comes into existence.
Solar White Light All ChakrasAuric fieldAll organs Energizing the organs and Chakras totally and fullyFor total physical vitality, You will become peaceful

Flying With Colours Part I

Thoughts have colors attached to them. Every negative thought has a color as well as a corresponding healing color.

I am a Failure

The following thoughts produce Black color in the aura:

  • I feel a failure
  • People do not like me
  • I am looser


  • Sit in meditation
  • Connect to Sun God
  • Inhale White light from Sun while exhaling dark color
  • During inhalation affirm, “I accept myself totally”. This produces White color in your aura.

Lack of Enthusiasm and Joy

When there is Lack of Enthusiasm and Joy in life:

  • Call upon Animal Spirit Guide Hummingbird
  • Blue is more. Exhale Blue and inhale Yellow.  
  • Then exhale Blue and inhale Orange.


  • “I do not have time” – more Yellow and Red colors in your auric field


  • Exhale Yellow and inhale Green
  • Then exhale Red and inhale Green
  • Affirm, “There is time and place for everything. Therefore, I can move with care”.  Green color will come to you automatically.
  • Do it in a relaxed fashion.

Hair growth

  • Indigo – inhale when you get grey hairs.

Healing Other Person

  • o Receive the required color with left hand from Sun
  • o Visualizing the person, send it through right hand to another person with the blessing Mudra (showing the palm of the right hand like Indian Gods or Buddha)
  • o It will heal them


  • How long we have to do this. Until, the thought leaves we have to.
  • Just concentrate on inhaling, automatically exhalation will happen and vice versa true.
  • Finally, inhale Pink color for two minutes.  Fill all Cells and Chakras with Pink. This will make you feel younger. Pink angel does this.
  • Affirm, “I am Pink in health”

Please note this is an extract from the discussions held during the Monthly Meet, April 2009.

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