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Flying With Colours Part I

Thoughts have colors attached to them. Every negative thought has a color as well as a corresponding healing color.

I am a Failure

The following thoughts produce Black color in the aura:

  • I feel a failure
  • People do not like me
  • I am looser


  • Sit in meditation
  • Connect to Sun God
  • Inhale White light from Sun while exhaling dark color
  • During inhalation affirm, “I accept myself totally”. This produces White color in your aura.

Lack of Enthusiasm and Joy

When there is Lack of Enthusiasm and Joy in life:

  • Call upon Animal Spirit Guide Hummingbird
  • Blue is more. Exhale Blue and inhale Yellow.  
  • Then exhale Blue and inhale Orange.


  • “I do not have time” – more Yellow and Red colors in your auric field


  • Exhale Yellow and inhale Green
  • Then exhale Red and inhale Green
  • Affirm, “There is time and place for everything. Therefore, I can move with care”.  Green color will come to you automatically.
  • Do it in a relaxed fashion.

Hair growth

  • Indigo – inhale when you get grey hairs.

Healing Other Person

  • o Receive the required color with left hand from Sun
  • o Visualizing the person, send it through right hand to another person with the blessing Mudra (showing the palm of the right hand like Indian Gods or Buddha)
  • o It will heal them


  • How long we have to do this. Until, the thought leaves we have to.
  • Just concentrate on inhaling, automatically exhalation will happen and vice versa true.
  • Finally, inhale Pink color for two minutes.  Fill all Cells and Chakras with Pink. This will make you feel younger. Pink angel does this.
  • Affirm, “I am Pink in health”

Please note this is an extract from the discussions held during the Monthly Meet, April 2009.

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