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Handling Skin Problems thru Colour Therapy

Around both my nipple areas, there are white patches. I have shown this to a lady doctor. She said it is vitiligo. They have given some ointment and asked me to show sunlight.  Since that is not possible, I am worried so much. 

This started after my delivery. It is around 9 years now, but by grace of god it is only around the nipple area only and did not spread in any other parts.  Is there any remedy for this? 

Mrs S.

Visualise the sun sending you the healing rays around your nipple. Do this for 5 minutes and thank the sun-god. Visualise pink rays around and think skin becoming normal as other areas.

Write (Bach Flower Remedy) Crab Apple in a piece of paper or a small piece of cloth and dip it in water and keep it on your nipple in the night or when nobody is there.

You will be alright within a month.


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